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When Earth was visited by Unicron during the zenith of their reign, the people of Cobra-La cut a deal: in exchange for them not deploying their virulent metal-eating fungus against him, Unicron would depart and return in a few thousand years, when humanity had grown numerous, and the subsequent apocalypse and enslavement of the human race would. Unicron Unleashed The positively-charged Energon of Earth reacted with the negatively-charged Energon running through Unicron, tearing open a fissure in reality leading to a new area of space where planets Unicron consumed were recreated, and sustained through the Energon radiated from Unicron's head, which had now become a glowing red sun Let's discuss Unicron and his inclusion in Transformers The Last Knight. How will Unicron rise from planet Earth! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of t..

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  1. The Earth Unicorn is the one of The Elemental Unicorns from Mia and Me. 1 Character 2 Relationships 2.1 Water Unicorn 2.2 Wind Unicorn 2.3 Fire Unicorn 3 Appearance 4 Trivia 5 Gallery The Earth Unicorn is the master of the element Earth. It can cause earthquakes and create deep tunnels inside the ground. Like all Element Unicorns, the Earth Unicorn is one of the forebears of the Unicorns.
  2. I personally like the idea of Unicron being Earth (I'm probably biased because I'm a die hard fan of Transformers Prime which introduced the idea). I feel it opens the oppurtunity to explain the inseparable link between Cybetron and Earth and the.
  3. Turns out, Unicron wasn't just in The Last Knight, but has actually been in the entire series to date because Unicron is the Transformers' name for Earth. You could be forgiven for wondering.
  4. - Unicron was guiding the Allspark to Earth so that he may complete himself. The Allspark consists of life-giving energy and power and, since Unicron is known in several incarnations as the harbinger of death, he could see this as a threat to himself and would want it destroyed

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  1. Unicron is about the same size as Cybertron. If memory serves I think Cybertron is supposed to be about the same size as Mars, so you would think Unicron is smaller than Earth. Someone will probably correct me on that though
  2. I feel you may have missed the symbolism. As another answer rightly stated, Michael Bay appears to have ripped this particular item straight from the cartoon Transformers Prime. In that show, Unicron isn't simply inside the Earth.Unicron is the E..
  3. gly leaving Earth as the remaining Transformers new home
  4. Though Unicron's time adrift in space he bled Dark Energon which itself went adrift. The Covenant of Primus unveils a prophecy that foretold Unicron's awakening on Earth, though the details failed to mention that it was actually referring to Unicron and Earth. On Cybertron, stories were told of Unicron's defeat and he became a feared figure
  5. Transformers: Unicron is a science fiction comic book limited series presented by IDW Publishing, in collaboration with Hasbro.The series is being written by John Barber, with art from penciller Alex Milne and colorist Sebastian Cheng. Issue #0 was published during Free Comic Book Day (May 5, 2018) before running from July to October 2018, featuring references in Optimus Prime and Transformers.
  6. Unicron is, by far, the strongest antagonist in the series as he is the very god of chaos and arguably brought Earth closer to damnation than anyone else as the awakening of his own body within almost destroyed the planet. Unicron was also capable of spawning multiple copies of himself from Earth's ground which he could make almost 200 ft tall

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Unicron makes a plot to take Galvatron and the Decepticons back to Earth. When Carly walks into a dump site, she meets a female Autobot scout, Arcee. Optimus knows that Arcee is alive after she killed in the battle of Egypt. Cast Humans. Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky, a recent college graduate who is once again tied to the fate of Earth's survival Unicron doesn't appear in The Last Knight, but is mentioned several times by the Creator sorceress Quintessa, who believes that Earth is the dormant body of Unicron. Following the deaths of Lockdown and Harold Attinger , Quintessa moves the planet Cybertron into Earth's atmosphere, hoping to use an ancient Cybertronian machine that will allow. Unicron then uses his control over the Earth to create images of himself to fight against Optimus and the Autobots. Eventually, Megatron makes an alliance with the Autobots to stop Unicron and.

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However, due to Unicron being the core of Earth (and Primus being the core of Cybertron) in Transformers: Prime, the latter seems more likely to be the case. In 2004, Unicron was said to be a Multiversal singularity, meaning that in all universes, Unicron was the same dimension hopping entity, despite their different origins Unicron is the eternal arch-enemy of his twin brother Primus. Also known as the Lord of Chaos, the Chaos Bringer and the Planet Eater, he is dedicated to consuming the Transformers multiverse, is massive form is powered by the consumption of planets, moons, stars, and even the very fabric of existence, with the only goal of ending the entire creation no matter what cost. Tier: Varies. Unicron is a large Cybertronian entity that is the ancient enemy of Primus/Cybertron. He also happens to be Earth, the planet itself formed around him over billions of years. Following the events of Transformers: The Last Knight, he is waking up from his slumber. He is also the twin brother and arch enemy of Primus. 1 History: 1.1 Transformers: The Last Knight 1.2 Titan Comics 2 Trivia Unicron.

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